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Coverage can be broken down into the following levels: Platinum (this includes Platinum Wrap, Platinum II, and Platinum Extra), Silver, and Bronze. The Platinum level is an exclusionary policy that is also known as a "Bumper to Bumper". Platinum contracts provide coverage for all electrical and mechanical parts except for those found in the exclusion section of the contract. The second level of coverage is the Silver contract which is a stated component contract. The list of covered parts under the Silver plan can be found on the brochure located on the "What Is Covered" button. The third level of coverage is the Bronze contract which is also a stated component contract that provides the least amount of coverage. The Bronze contract is a powertrain level contract with some electrical and A/C coverage added. The list of covered parts under the Bronze plan can be found on the brochure located on the "What Is Covered" button.

Yes, when selecting "Add-On" coverages, the Hybrid/Alternative fuel and Hybrid Drive Battery Add-Ons can be selected. This coverage is only available on the Silver and Platinum Contracts. This will give you coverage on the following items: Assembly Shift Control, Hybrid Drive Generator Assembly, Hybrid Drive Motor Assembly, Hybrid Drive Motor Assembly, Hybrid Drive Trans-Axle Assembly, Battery Meter Computer, Battery Current Sensor, Hybrid Drive Battery, among many other hybrid components.

Additional benefits included are (a) 24-Hour Roadside Assistance provided by a national carrier, (b) A Car Rental Reimbursement Program. The Car Rental Program assists in paying for a rental car during the time your vehicle is being repaired, up to a specific daily limit. (c) Trip Interruption Assistance allows for reimbursement for meals and lodging if a breakdown occurs over 100 miles away from your residence.

Yes, this service contract can be transferred if the sale is to a private party and the contract can be canceled, within the first 30 days at 100%, if no claims have occurred. After 30 days the cancellation is based on time &/or mileage, whichever is greater.

Term and mileage options can be as short as 12 months/12,000 miles or as long as 84 months and 125,000 miles.

All contracts have a $100 deductible, per repair visit.
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